Cooling tunnel

To cool chocolate immediatly.

Cooling tunnel

Manual control and great processing capacity.

Expressly designed and built to cool products like chocolate Easter eggs, cookies, and covered sweets, POMATI's COOLING TUNNEL is ideal for both artisanal and industrial factories. The warm product is delivered to the tunnel by a conveyor belt, where it is cooled by low-temperature forced air. The refrigeration system and the belt's conveyor are activated by manually handling the control panel.

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Cooling tunnel Cooling tunnel Cooling tunnel

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Technical features
Entirely made in AISI 304 stainless steel - Coating in thermoinsulated printed material.
Conveyor Belt
Conveyor belt in food-grade, crushproof polyurethane - Exit conveyor belt with peeler.
Mechanical features
self-aligning rollers with wander-free mechanism -- Automatic, heated gas defrosting
Refrigeration unit
Cooling with closed loop air circulation - Refrigerating unit with forced-air cooling system
product clearance height 130/290 mm - Conveyor belt width 180/250/320 mm - Length of cooling unit, 4 -12 m - Size 570 x 6 - 14 m x h 1270 mm
400 Volts –Hz 50–KW 2,4 Tri-phase, 5 poles (customized voltages upon request)
Available accessories
Tunnel Lighted inspection window (See details)
Output sensor for product stop (See details)

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