For chocolate coatings that are perfect on the outside and the inside.


High-performance panning machine

Machine manufactured entirely in AISI 304 stainless steel. Suitable for small- and medium-scale production, ideal for chocolate coatings for almonds, hazelnuts, coffee beans, puffed rice and various other products. Capacity for up to 16 kg of product per cycle of operation. The machine is equipped with a heat pump, to produce hot and cold air: hot air to swell the product at the enrobing stage; the cold air, for smoothing, shining and final polishing. From thetouchscreencontrol panel, you can set the temperature, speed and direction of rotation of the drum.

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Bassina Bassina Bassina

A revolution is underway

Pomati is revolutionising confectionery manufacturing with the new Bassina, with its special heat pumpthat doesn't use electrical resistance, which reduces electricity consumption during processing.


Technical features
Drum capacity 16 kg (8 kg available on request)
Drum rotation speed 10-60 rpm
Voltage 240 – 50 Hz – 1Kw – (other voltages available on request)

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